Most manufacturers recommend an oil change for your vehicle every 3000 miles so come in to Garcia’s Auto Center for your next oil change! We’ve been supplying affordable oil changes in Las Vegas, NV for more than 25 years.

At Garcia’s Auto Center oil changes includes:

• Replacing your dirty oil with the proper viscosity grade oil
• Fitting a new oil filter
• Lubricating the various components on your car as needed
• Assessing and topping off (if needed) the fluid levels for your systems, including brakes, steering, transmission, coolant / antifreeze and more
• A full safety inspection upon request. Tires inflated to the proper pressure
Getting regular oil changes for your vehicle will help it run smoother and keep your engine running longer. In Las Vegas, oil change costs can vary substantially and a lot of shops use cheap oil in order to save money. At Garcia’s Auto Center, we use only the best oil and we provide oil change deals to customers getting other work done because we want them to get the most value out of coming to our shop. On top of providing the best oil changes in Las Vegas, we provide a complete vehicle examination performed by our mechanics.

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