GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW Two-Mode Hybrid Transmission (t-variant) David Kimble Illustration


• The modern transmissions are more complicated and include hundreds of individual components. To properly repair your vehicle’s transmission, these components must be disassembled, cleaned, and inspected for wear. Dismantling your vehicle’s transmission also allows our team to provide an accurate diagnosis of your transmission and how much wear it has.


• At Garcia’s, we repair or replace worn and damaged parts. Following the transmission parts inspection, we repair, reassemble, adjust, and test them for proper operation. Some transmission repairs require only an adjustment without having to remove the entire transmission. If your vehicle is older, its transmission may require adjustments to parts.

You might need transmission inspection and repair if your vehicle demonstrates any of the following symptoms:

• A grinding sound from the engine
• Jerking of the vehicle while driving
• Random RPM revving issues such as revving too high or too low
• Abruptness when the car shifts between gears
• Gas pedal less responsive
• You are unable to shift gears as you normally would

Transmission Repair includes all of the following:

• Full transmission diagnosis, including clutch system, the pedal and clutch grasp, and slave cylinder
• Total replacement of broken parts or entire transmission
• Drain and refill or full transmission flush

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